Thursday, September 15, 2011

Freaking out!! No.6 anime *May contain spoilers*

I'm really freaking out right now!!! Why? Well, I have been watching anime (of course) again. You know how I love to freak out when it comes to anime endings and this anime is one of them.

To the time this anime first came out (I have a recommendation on it! Read it here), to the time the latest episode on came out, the anime No. 6 has been awesome, intriguing, great and a whole bunch of suspense. Seriously, this anime is like Sci-fi and I love it! I normally never watch Sci-fi but this one is an exception.

I'll give you a quick re-cap.

No. 6 is set in the future, 2013 (I guess 2012 didn't happen yet :D). Our main character Shion, has led a great life in No. 6.

However, No. 6 is not what it seems to be when he meets Nezumi. Before he knew it, Shion's life began to change.

Ok, I will now get to my freaking out part.

A new episode of No. 6 came out a few hours ago and I just finished watching it.


The ending of the episode makes me wonder if the anime has ended. I looked it up on Wikipedia and stuff. It still says, "Ongoing", so I think its still ongoing. I hope.

First of all, the episode starts out with Rikiga and the Dog keeper. They are at the meeting point and they are both waiting for Nezumi and Shion.

Nezumi and Shion are finally at Safu's location they find two dead people on the floor (I just wanted to point that out).

Meanwhile in No. 6, the citizens are celebrating the Holy day. To me, it seems like the one dude who as been with Shion's mother (its not Rikiga, I can't remember his name...) is planning to attack.

Then, the bees start to come out of the people. They all die and the city is in a panic.

Both Nezumi and Shion find out that Safu is Elyruias. Soon after their conversation, Shion has a panic attack. He falls to his knees and starts to cry.

Since you are here, I assume you already seen the anime or just plain curious. I'm guessing you already seen the anime so I'm going to skip to the part when Shion dies. Yes. Shion dies. By this part, I'm already freaking out because first, Safu dies, second, the facility is exploding every where and three, Shion was looking pretty scary when Safu dies. He looked like he was going to kill Nezumi too!

Anyways, I was balling my freaking eyes out because he was shot by that stupid guy who was supposed to be evacuating the facility. Geez! I thought after Shion helped Nezumi with his wound (that stupid guy just had to shoot Nezumi!), they would escape perfectly fine. But noooo.

Ok, Shion was shot and they go down the shoot thingy and I was pretty sure Shion was dead. Sniff, sniff......the sad music started to play.......they escape........WAHHHH!!!!! They show the scene where Shion is there, on his back......and Nezumi is limping toward Shion..........WAHHHHHH!!!!!!! I'm crying!!!!

The part when Nezumi starts to sing his was beautiful. I was crying so bad. I was like, "Why??? WHY?!?!"

Then...then Safu shows up!!! Oh my goodness!!! She sings then leaves.

Shion was brought back to life and everything! Nezumi's wounds have been healed. OH MY GOODNESS!!!! I was soo crying happy tears by that time. I don't know how to express how happy I am right now! > x <

So the ending song starts to play and Nezumi and Shion goes outside to find that the walls have been brought down. The people of No. 6 and people outside the wall start to walk toward each other. Shion's mother runs for the broken wall, in hopes to see Shion. Nezumi starts to walk away from Shion.

Guess what Nezumi does to Shion????? He KISSES Shion!!!! I sense there is a bit of a relationship here.......*cough* *cough*.......(Yaoi)......well Nezumi leaves and Shion says, "We will meet again".

I don't feel like explaining the rest cause its...yeah. I feel like the anime has ended but who knows. I hope it keeps going.

The ending was great. I actually loved it. ^_^

Now.....I must read the novel! I have found the site for it! You can read the translation of the Novel here! Oh!! And there is a manga too. The art is amazing and the story is a bit more explained better. There is more stuff happening. If you loved the anime, I would advise you to try the manga and the novel!