Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Vocaloid and Nico Nico Chorus Fever!!!

Vocaloid Rin and Len
I'm really obessed right now.....Nico Nico Chorus is maybe the only thing I listen to now! I actually pretty new to Nico Nico Chorus and Vocaloid so please don't ask me who they are. Just look it up on google! For now I will tell you what I know!

Nico Nico Chorus (or Douga) are amazing singers. They are not exactly a group but a bunch of fans singing the song that mashed up together to create a cover for the song. In other words, these are actual people singing the song. I wish some of these people will get an actual singing career because well, they are pretty awesome.

Here is an example....oh, this song is one of my favorite covers by Nico Nico Chorus! I love the guy who rapped in the beginning......this song is soo amazing!!! :D

Just Be Friends- Nico Nico Chorus

There are many versions of one song and since I love stuff with cool rapping and stuff like that, I personally like this version of Just be Friends better. Its two people singing it now. I think its pretty downright awesome how he raps the song.....listen to it!! ^_^

Just Be Friends - Zebra ♂ & Rapbit ♂「English Sub」

This next song is called Over. Its also another cover by Nico Nico Chorus. I'm just in love with the song because its just beautiful. Yet it sounds pretty sad.

合唱『OVER』- Nico Nico Chorus

I can't help but put this song on too. Its also very amazing!!! You must listen to it!!!

【合唱】なまえのないうた【7人+α】 / Nameless Song - Nico Nico Chorus

I help but cry whenever I listen to this song....its so great.

【Nico Nico Chorus】When The First Love Ends【8 People's Chorus + 1】

Also, Vocaloids are not real (unfortunately). They are just voices programed from a computer. I know Vocaloid songs sound stupid and weird but I actually like it! They make me happy and its nice to listen to something different. Usually the songs Nico Nico Chorus does are by some Vocaloids, like Hatsune Miku. Vocaloids are usually the original singers some of the songs.

A song that I absolutely love is called Spice! by Vocaloid Kagamine Len. Funny thing is kinda about Sex.....I think? Dude! Len is 14 and he is singing about this??? Weird.....

Len Kagamine: SPICE!

I can't stop laughing!!! Ok....ok!

I'm done. This next song is just a parody of Spice. Its called Ice by Vocaloid Kaito (he is hot). The part that made me laugh is that Kaito is a full grown man, singing about Ice cream and here you have 14 year old Len, singing about Sex. That makes me laugh. ^ ^

【KAITO】ICE!-full ver.-【Parody Song】 With English & Romaji Lyrics

Out of all the versions I've listened to.......the boys version of Spice is always hottest...(other than Panyo's version).....nuff said. I always get embarrassed listening to the boys version of Spice.......their voices just make the song much hotter........*dies of a nosebleed*

【SpiCE!- Boys Edition】 English Subtitle HD + MP3 download 

This next song just makes me happy. Its nothing bad. I bet you are still trying to calm yourself after listening to the last song. ^ ^ Anyways, I think it will make you laugh a bit or at least happy. I hope. It made me happy!

There is a girl version to this but I personally like this one better! You can just look it up on Youtube!

合唱 「ロミオとシンデレラ」 Boys Edition - Romeo and Cinderella - Nico Nico Chorus

You know what? I'll post this version because their voices are soo pretty and amazing.

I love the song Magnet.......especially the boys edition. I swear I practically die because their voices are just sexy! I lose myself when I listen to any of their versions.......because their voices are just in my ear!!! I always find myself replaying the stupid song.......because I think I fainted at a certain part and then I missed the rest. Its that sexy!!! >///<

magnet ~Boys Edition~ 【合唱】

Wait....wait!!! You must listen to this version too!!!!! Its sooooo sexy and hot!!!!! LISTEN TO IT!


I am sorry for the trouble I have caused for making you listen to those songs......especially if Spice or Magnet gave you have eargasms. That is not my fault. Blame the singers because their voices are just sexy. They can't help it!

Anways, I will end this post with this song. Its called Fire Flower by Clear and Amu. Clear is known to be a singer in Nico Nico Chorus and he has made CD's and all that. I'm happy because he totally needs to do that. His voice is just amazing!

Whenever I hear Clear and Amu together.....I just can't help it......they are just freaking hot!!!!!! >////< ARGH!!! I wanna meet them!!!