Monday, August 1, 2011

Hello August! Manga + Drama Recommendation!!

Did you hear??? Today is August 1st!!! July is over!! School is getting near!!! AHH!! Well thats what I feel. I don't mind going to back school. I've gotten wayy lazier. Believe me.

Time for an explanation of why I haven't posted in a while!! If you don't want to read my explanation, just scroll down to see my Manga recommendation and Drama recommendation!

Sigh.....I'm sorry for not posting in a while. I had to go places and a camp. Of course my mother made me go with the family. The trip was ok (I hate sitting in the car for too long!!). We stayed in a Hotel for the first night then went to camp.....I'm not a big fan of camping. I like staying outdoors but......whatever. I'm not going to talk about it.
We went to a river though!
Oh, just to tell you, I just got back......I quickly helped put my family's stuff in the house out of the car. Belive me, its horrible carrying things back to the house. Not to mention the amount of stuff we have. I'm dead tired and totally sore (don't ask why).

Random picture.... ^_^
After everything was done, I rushed to the computer (I haven't been on the computer since what? Thrusday?) and checked and for new chapters (from what I just read, Defense Devil ended!! NOOO!!! Hope for a sequel!!). I also checked for new episodes. After I checked my blog. So far, I haven't really missed much.

Well, I will now give a Manga recommendation and a Drama recommendation to end this post.

Ko Akuma Cafe 1 - Page 2

Title: Ko Akuma
Author: Oda Aya
Genres: Gender Bender, Comedy, Romance, Shojo
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Age Rating: 13+ Teen
Status: Ongoing

Summary: (from Sakura just has to get close to the super-handsome Chika, so she's willing to take on a job as a waiter. That's right, a waiter. She's so determined that she lies about her gender on her job application. As Sakura gets close to Chika, she discovers that though he's got an angelic face, he's a devilish tease. Will she let that deter her? No way!

Short review....

Not the best gender bender manga I've read. Its certainly cute and romantic. Typical sterotypes. The dudes are hot and the girls are cute. I think the guy is pretty cool. The girl's character bother's me. Just another typical shojo storyline. Sigh....

The story and art is ok. Not the worst.

Overall, its worth a read. As I've said, its not the worst manga I've read.

Secret Garden Poster - secret-garden-korean-drama photo

Title: Secret Garden
Type: Korean Drama
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy
Status: Completed

Summary: Gil Rim Im is a poor and humble stunt girl. Kim Joon Won is an arrogant and eccentric CEO. They meet by accident when Joo Won mistakes Ra Im for the actress Park Chae Rin. That meeting sparks a bickering and romantic relationship. Due to certain events, their bodies switch to make things wayy more complicated.

You know what my problem is? I'm still on episode 4 and I don't want them to switch bodies!! Gil Ra Im and Kim Joo Won are utterly cute and awesome together!!! I wonder what will happen to them when they switch bodies???? ARGH! I'll just watch it anyways!! I'm gonna go for it and see how it will go!!!!
Kim Joo Won - secret-garden-korean-drama photo

Right from the get go, I fell in love with the character Kim Joo Won. He is just soooo cute! I love his funny Track suit! HAAHAHAHAH!! If you saw him......I bet you won't forget it. I certainly don't! His character is memorable. He is pretty hot..... :D

Gil Ra Im is sooo cool! I love her!! I wish I met a girl like her.....she is so pretty!!! Oh!! She won a couple awards. One of them was 2010 SBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Award with Hyun Bin (Kim Joo Won- Secret Garden).

Isn't she pretty??? She looks cool with short hair but with long hair.....she still looks really really pretty with either!!
The story is just amazing, cute, awesome, intriguing, romantic and just full of comedy. As you read before, I'm currently still on episode 4. When I read the summary again, I forgot that they will eventually switch bodies.......(sniff) I don't want them too yet!! (Just ignore me)

I have nothing to complain about the storyline. I just love the comedy!! I can't stop laughing about Kim Joon Won's Track suit. Sigh.....this drama makes me sooo happy and it makes my heart just flutter when it comes to the romantic scenes......^_^

You must watch this drama!! It is totally amazing!!!!