Sunday, August 7, 2011

Manga Recommendation: The Law of Ueki

I've been watching alot of drama's lately and I finally started anime again. I was just cruising on youtube for ideas of what anime I wanted to watch next. I came across the anime, The Law of Ueki. I saw the manga for this and I wanted to see if was bad or good. I was happy that this anime was worth my time!

File:VOL.1 - The Battle Commencement.JPG

Title: The Law of Ueki, うえきの法則, Ueki no Hōsoku
Author: Tsubasa Fukuchi
Genres: Comedy, Shonen, Action, School life, Fantasy, Supernatural
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Age Rating: 13+ Teen
Status: Completed

Summary: In total there are 100 gods. They each choose a middle schooler to act as a fighter in a tournament. The tournament will determine the next God of the Celestial world.

Each middle schooler is given a power. They are required to defeat as many opponents as possible. The winning God candidate will become the new God in heaven and the winning student will be given a the Blank Zai (talent), a talent that can be anything they choose.

Kosuke Ueki decides to fight in the tournament to prevent all the greedy and selfish students who might want to abuse the Zai's power.

I totally think that this anime is just funny! Ueki is soo cool!! The story is just amazing!!! The God thing and powers......I have never read anything like it! The story is really unique!!

The art for the anime is really good. The fights are pretty interesting and intriguing.

I haven't read the manga so I'm not going to say anything about the art......also there is a squel for the manga and anime I think. Its called The Law of Ueki Plus. I think I should try reading the manga...