Friday, July 20, 2012

Katekyo Hitman Reborn Challege Day 3: Favorite Arc

Hey! I totally missed yesterday's! Here it is! It's late so I'm sorry if anything doesn't make sense. I'm so tired!

*Warning: May contain MAJOR Spoilers!*

My favorite Arc from Katekyo Hitman Reborn is probably the Future Arc. The Future Arc starts at episode 74 to 114 in the Anime and chapter 136 to chapter 282 in the Manga. The Future Arc begins when Reborn was accidently shot by Lambo's Ten Year Bazooka. However, there wasn't anybody replaced when Reborn was sent to the future. Tsuna begins to wonder this and he himself got shot with the bazooka, sending him 9 years and 10 months into the future.

He encounters many different characters such as the Future Ryohei, Dino, Yamamoto (read so many doujinshi's....), Hibari (so many hotties~!), Lilmirch, Lambo, I-pin and Chrome. In terms of enemies, he fights with the Millefiore Famiglia and Byakuran. It's so epic and many different things are upgraded such as the Vongola rings and the Vongola Boxes get introduced.

I find in this Arc, the characters gain tons of strength and friendships. I just love this Arc because it shows the Future! Too bad they didn't show Future Tsuna................I did see the first boss, Giotto! Sigh.....he is so hot~!! We see him more in the next major Arc!


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