Saturday, July 21, 2012

Katekyo Hitman Reborn Challenge Day 4: Favorite Famiglia

I still have a long ways to go......but I'm having fun! :)

Day 1: Favorite male Character
Day 2: Favorite female character
Day 3: Favorite Arc
Day 4: Favorite Famiglia
Day 5: Least Favorite male Character
Day 6: Least favorite female character
Day 7: Favorite minor character
Day 8: Favorite fight
Day 9: favorite villain
Day 10: Favorite arcobaleno

Day 11: Favorite box weapon
Day 12: Favorite ship
Day 13: Favorite flame (sky, rain, storm, sun, lightning, cloud, mist)
Day 14: Favorite vongola member
Day 15: Favorite Koukuyo gang member
Day 16: Favorite shimon member
Day 17: Favorite varia member
Day 18: Favorite millefiore member
Day 19: Favorite mafia boss
Day 20: Anime or manga?
Day 21: Least favorite vongola member
Day 22: Least favorite shimon member
Day 23: Least favorite arcobaleno
Day 24: Least favorite varia member
Day 25: Funniest moment/episode
Day 26: Saddest moment/episode
Day 27: Favorite opening
Day 28: Favorite ending
Day 29: Favorite quote
Day 30: Why do you like Katekyo Hitman Reborn?

Hmmm.................I really love the Vongola family (Aka, Tsuna's family) but..........theres another family on my mind.

*Warning: Major Spoilers Ahead!*

The Varia!!! :D I love that family so much! Even though they were pretty mean and horrible to Tsuna's family (they still are), the Varia are a funny (they have their awesome moments!) and unique bunch of people. They seemed to gain respect for Tsuna and his family after the big tournament for the Vongola rings. After certain events (during the Future Arc), the Varia helps Tsuna's family fight the Millefiore.

Funny Moments! :)

Funny Moments With Lambo

Hibari Pokes Squalo
My favorite epic moments!
Tsuna perfect X Burner HQ

Vongola X Succession (X gloves version Vongola ring)
Tsuna's family meets primo's family

Watch this funny videos of Varia moments! Let me start with my favorite character from the Varia! Fran!! XD He is so funny because he has no emotion whatsoever, its funny!
Fran Moments~! :)
Best Belphegor Moments [Ep.137&138] eng. & ger. sub


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