Thursday, December 16, 2010

1 more day!!

Today.......Hmmm.....What is it today??? Oh yes!! Today is the 16th!!! That means tomorrow is the last day of school until Christmas break!!!! YAY!!! I can sleep in!!!! WHOO HOO!!!! Oh wait...............


My social homework is due!!!!!!! Oh my Goshh!!!!! Must finish!!!! ..................0_0''.....-_-


Haha I am bored and I don't feel like doin homework, so I wanted to post something on my blog!!! So what should I write about??? Well I'll write how awesome Manga and Anime rocks!! But I feel like drawing right now....or listening to songs......oh I know what to write about!!! Another Manga Recommendation!! All this talk about Music makes me think about Mermaid Melody! (マーメイドメロディーぴちぴちピッチ Māmeido Merodī Pichi Pichi Pitchi?) Oh! and La Corda D'oro! (金色のコルダ Kin'iro no Koruda)

I know Mermaid melody sounds girly and cheesy but.....I still like it! I don't care what other people think! It is very good, cute and I really like the songs! I really like the art and is done by one of my favourite Mangaka's/Artists of all time! It is Pink Hanamori! She illustrated Mermaid Melody by the way. I really love her!! She has done others and I really love them all! Mermaid Melody is probably the most popular out of all of her work. She is remaking Osamu Tezuka's, Princess Knight. It is under the name of "Sapphire: Ribbon no Kishi" It is amazing!!!!!

Summary: Luchia Nanami is a mermaid (No really?) princess of the Pacific Ocean. She goes on land to find her pink pearl (What a girly color Sorry), for it is very important for mermaids to become an adult and she can't really sing without it. But she entrusted her pearl to a boy named Kaito Domoto, who she saved from a ship wreck years before. Apparently she is in her Human form and she saved him in her Mermaid form, therefore Kaito cannot recognize her. If she tells who she really is then according to mermaid folklore; she will turn into bubbles. Apparently it doesn't say that he could find out himself which doesn't involve her telling him anything about her being a mermaid (Did you get all that?)

La Corda D'oro is really amazing!! I really love it and it involves playing music and Romance!! Its sooo awesome!!!

Summary: Kahoko Hino meets a fairy named Lili, at Seiso Academy in the General Education Section. This fairy is a musical fairy and wants Hino to play a magical violin. Hino refuses of course but Lili insisted and Hino accepts the instrument and a place in the annual musical competition. so she practices it, even though she can't even play it....she was amazed of the sound and music she has produced. Soon her music had attracted many people during the competition. The five competitors seem to be falling in love with her.

Well a few days ago it was my birthday. YAY! I got a year older and yeah I got presents on that day. Only two but I loved them because they were books!!!!! I got Bakuman Vol 1 (It is such a sweet manga/ have to try it!!) from one of my best friends and Claymore Vol 1 (Also a great manga book that involves killing....MWHAHAH!!! a little to carried away there......)

Arigatou!!!! Merry Christmas!!!! メリークリスマス!!!!!!!! Have a Happy Holiday!!!!