Saturday, February 5, 2011

How does Manga become Manga?? Manga Recommendation: Bakuman

Really? How does the Manga we read become the Manga we read???? Well if you wonder then read the manga Bakuman! It talks about how to become a Professional Manga Artist. I really like this manga and I really enjoy it. Believe me its very very good! It changed my point of view about Mangaka's and their life of being a Mangaka.

Title: Bakuman
Author(s): Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata
Genres: Shonen, Slice of life, Romance, Comedy
Age rating: Teen 13+
Status: Ongoing

Summary: Moritaka Masahiro is a junior high student that has very good drawing skills. One day he accidentally leaves his math notebook in class containing a drawing that he drew of his crush, Miho Azuki. When he arrives at the classroom, he finds that his classmate Akito Takagi was waiting with his notebook. Takagi tells him that Azuki might also have feelings for Moritaka. From this Moritaka thinks that Takagi might like Azuki too and by taking his notebook Takagi is probably asking Moritaka to back off but instead Takagi wants Moritaka to team up with him and become a Mangaka and illustrate the stories that Takagi will write. Moritaka refuses because of his dead uncle. Moritaka's dead uncle died of overwork, and exhaustion because he was a manga artist trying to regain status.

Later after Moritaka gets a phone call from Takagi saying that he is going to Azuki's house to confess something to her and he wants him to with him. Moritaka ends up going with him and Takagi tells Azuki that he and Moritaka are going to do a manga together. Moritaka learns that Azuki's dream was to become a voice actor (seiyu). He them asks her if she can marry him. She accepts but only if they both acheive their dreams. After Moritaka's goal was to get an anime before the age 18 and get Azuki to voice the main herione in their anime. To have success in their career he and Takagi will have to get their manga serialized in the Weekly Shonen Jump and gain popularity in that magazine.

I'm sooo happy this manga has an anime! This manga totally deserves it! I really like the story line of this manga because I haven't read this kind of story in any mangas ever! What I'm saying is that I feel like the story line is so Original and I feel I haven't read it before which makes me want it more! Have you ever read something and liked it but had the feeling you've read it before? Since I've read too many, I know where they might be copying off of in a way. Character wise, many personalities for Shojo manga's are always the same. Shonen manga's, most story lines have characters going off for a journey and meet friends along the way. I feel the story line for this is very unique and the art is very well done! Sorry if I sound like a, what are they called again? I think the word was Editor I think..........well thats not the issue here! The issue is that you, the viewer have to start to read or watch the anime of this!! I guarantee you will like it!!