Friday, February 11, 2011

OVA: Hiyokoi!!

I am sorry that I haven't been posting anything for quite a while but here ya go! Its sooo warm outside = 0 = does weather have to do with this?? Anyways, I was looking on the web what to read or watch. Then I came across this OVA on For those that don't know what OVA means, it means Original Video Animation. Its not necessarily a series and is often short, usually 1 or 4 at the most. Some mangas are turned into OVA's cause they are short, popular but not popular enough to earn a full airing anime. Or OVA's are usually an extra part of the story that hasn't been mentioned. For example Maid-Sama! After the 26 episodes was done (Why did it have to end?!?! Well the Manga is ongoing so thats good....) they created an OVA cause the anime was a success and plus the OVA is pretty funny.

So now I come to my point now.......I found an OVA of Hiyokoi. I watched it and it was soo good! I wonder if there is a manga? What am I talking about? There should be! Oh Thank you, oh dear sweet internet! I found that you can read it online on

Title: Hiyokoi
Author: Yukimaru Moe
Genres: Shojo, Romance, Comedy, School life, Drama
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Age Rating: 13+ Teen
Status: Ongoing (Manga) and (Anime) Completed

Summary: 15 year old Hiyori is now returning to school from the car accident that caused her to stay in the hospital for a year. She is very short for her age. Only 140cm/4'7'' and very shy. Now that she is returning to school she wants to adapt to her surroundings as quickly as possible and get rid of her shyness. In the middle of introducing herself a boy named HiroseYuushin (109cm) walks in. He is always in a positive mood and open, the total opposite to Hiyori. She has to sit next to him but can he get rid of her shyness? Or something more?

In a way this manga reminds me of Kimi ni Todoke......I mean Hiyori and Sawako Kuronuma are similar. Sawako is avoided cause of her appearance and Hiyori is just overly shy and short. In both stories there is a guy there always there with her. If you haven't read Kimi ni Todoke then.......I hope you get the time to read it. Its very very good! It won a Kodansha Manga award! I really love it!

I really really really love the art! The art I've seen it somewhere before..........why does most shojo's art styles almost look the same? I mean the art of Hiyokoi reminds of Haruta Nana's Chocolate Cosmos (really good manga!). But thats just me. Anyways the manga totally deserved an anime! I really love the cuteness and the love developing between characters. I know Hiyori can be frustrating but slowly her shyness goes away. I love how that one guy can change her forever. Love is in the air~!