Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Aye Sir!! Manga of the week: Fairy Tail

My good ol'buddy recommended this one to me and I never got the time to get to it but now I do! I never realized it would be awesome and funny!!! The story line just keeps me want to read and watch more!

Title: Fairy Tail, フェアリーテイル Fearī Teiru
Author: Hiro Mashima
Genres: Adventure, Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Shonen
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Age rating: Older teen 16+
Status: Ongoing

Summary: The land of Fiore, a place where magic and wizards exist; also where the famous magical guild Fairy Tail is. Lucy Heartfilia, a young Celestial Spirit Wizard, has decided to run away from home and now wants to join a guild. Along the way she meets a boy named Natsu Dragneel and his best friend, a blue cat, Happy. Natsu tells Lucy that he is searching for a person named Igneel, his foster parent. Soon she gets abducted by a guy who claims to be Salamander of Fairy Tail who turns up to be an impostor and actually a guy named Bora of Prominence who gets girls to fall in love with him, abducted and sell them as slaves. Natsu rescues her and he tells her that he is actually the true Salamander of Fairy Tail. He offers that if she wanted, he could take her to his guild and get membership there. Of course she accepts. And so she joins and meets a bunch of different wizards and people, even makes friends with them. Some of these people are Gray Fullbuster, an Ice wizard and Erza Scarlet. Together with them they make the totally strong and powerful team of Fairy Tail!

Fairy Tale is like any other Shonen manga. Typical story that revolves around a boy. Always going on a journey, making friends on the way. Fairy Tail is all about friends and family. Make fun of the name or harm the guild or people in it and your dead by the Fairy Tail wizards. I really love how the fighting scenes are soo funny! I know how many shonen manga/animes have serious fighting scences but Fairy Tail.......its just soo good! Telling jokes or do things that don't have to do with it....its soo funny! So you better start reading the manga cause it is soo good!!!