Sunday, February 13, 2011

My favorite scenes from Hana Kimi!

Well I'm kinda running out of things to talk about, not quite but I'm to lazy to post the others but I want to post something about this first! As the title says, I wanna talk about my favorite scenes from the Japanese drama Hana Kimi! To Hana Kimi fans this drama is sooo funny! From my previous post about Hana Kimi, you might know that I really love the character Nakatsu. The actor Ikuto Toma is sooo awesome! Now you have to watch these vidoes about Nakatsu's funny scenes!

You know what I love gender bender manga's? I love how one character always thinks he himself is gay! It is the most hilarious thing in the world!

If you haven't noticed I really love this drama. I know there are different versions of this drama but I really love this version the best. It has its lame and funny moments but hey, thats drama's for you! This drama sorta follows the story of the manga. The drama mainly focuses on the school of boys being together. Wow that came out wrong.....I mean the dorms being together as friends, meaning the drama is focusing on friendship and Mizuki can damage her friendship with all of them because she is dressing up as a guy. So this drama is not just focusing on love but pure friendship. I really love it! The 3 dorms are soo funny together! I'm sorry that this is not making any sense!!! I'm making you go and watch this drama!! You can watch it on or was it .com? Oh whatever you can look it up on and find a site so......