Thursday, February 3, 2011

Feeling Unlucky?

Well, My title has nothing to do with my topic today! I'm soo tired and my brain is dead from memorizing numerous things.....Wait I haven't started! Oops...wasn't supposed to tell you that! Anyways I still have a whole bunch of things like Science or Math (which I don't want to do cause I'm cool like that) but I need a break and I want to talk about Manga! You don't mind don't you? Of course you don't! (Probably but I'm trying to at least be positive about this)

Anyways this is one of my old posts that I haven't bothered to post cause I was very lazy so....please bare with me! My friend has gotten me into this manga a long time ago and I quite enjoyed this one!

Title: Black Cat
Author: Kentaro Yabuki
Genres: Comedy, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Shonen, Science Fiction
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Age Rating: 16+ Older Teen
Status: Completed

Black Cat manga wallpaper

Summary: Train Heartnet, the infamous Black Cat, is one of the 13 assassins for the powerful organization, Chronos. All 13 of them have been trained and each possess a special weapon made for them called Chronos Numbers. Also each has number on their body that proves that they are one of the 13 assassins for Chronos.

The story starts when Train meets a Sweeper (Licenced bounty hunter) named Saya Minatsuki. Thanks to her Train no longer kills his victims. Instead he uses his weapon to stop them or warns them. Due to this there is tension between the Chronos elders (leaders of Chronos) and Train. The Chronos elders decide to exile Train from the orgaization. Another Chronos assassin Creed Diskenth, hates the fact that Saya changed Train. So he goes and murders her. Months later Train has become a Sweeper and travels with his partners Sven and Eve. Now that Creed has appeared before Train, Creed holds a large amount of power that people never knew that existed, has many followers that can rival Chronos and the numbers. Creed vows that he will make Train join him to rebuild the world.

I really like this Manga/Anime! Why did it have to end? I like the anime a little more than the manga because Train looked a bit younger and sorta hotter but thats just me. The anime follows the story ok but it ended pretty early into it.