Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Different Manga Recommendations!

I have been reading to much manga which is quite normal for me. So for today I made a whole ton of reviews of different manga's.

Title: En Passant
Author: Yuzunoki Taro
Genres: Shonen, Comedy, Action, School life
Age Rating: 13+
Status: Ongoing

Summary: Kujou Shin, the king Negativity has been somehow dragged into the fight for the most powerful position in the world, Verde. How can someone like him, who has no hesitation to die, get into the fight? What will become of him?

I find this story a little confusing but its still the beginning so I guess once I get into it, I'll start to get it. The art is average but I think its still great! I like it! Oh and by the way I have no idea why the title is called En Passant. Oh I think I know! Is it French for chess or something? Oh I don't know! The story does have to do with chess.....I just don't know!

Title: Kanata Kara, From Far Away
Author: Hikawa Kyouko
Genres: Supernatural, Romance, Comedy, Shojo, Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Drama
Age Rating: 13+
Status: Completed

Summary: One day walking home from school, innocent Noriko stumbles across a tourist bombing. Instead of being being blown to smithereens, she finds herself in a different world. She meets a young man named Izark who saves her from a monster. They don't understand each other but eventually she starts to learn the language. There are rumors that the Awakening has appeared to awaken the legendary Sky Demon. Can Noriko be the Awakening?

I really enjoy this story! I know its an older story but still, this is once a great and awesome manga back then. What am I talking about? This is manga is still awesome! This manga was made around 1991? I'm not sure if I'm right but anyways, I really think the art looks great considering its from the 90's.

I find the story also very interesting. In the beginning the main character has no idea what language the people are saying. I hear its very hard to get the main character to learn the language as the story goes along. In most shojo manga's, somehow the main character knows how to speak the language right off the bat. I like reading this manga because I like something different for once and difficult to put out you know? I'm sorry....I've been blabbing and blabbing about this......I just can't help it! Its just soo good!

Title: Claymore
Author: Norihiro Yagi
Genres: Shonen, Adventure, Action, Drama, Tragedy
Age Rating: 16+ Older teen
Status: Ongoing

Summary: Monsters called Yoma roam the world. They live among humans and prey on them. Ordinary people have no hope in stopping these monsters and their last hope lays the hands in the new breed of warriors called Claymores. With their silver eyes, supernatural strength they have to stop Yoma's from preying on humans. There is a down side to that, Claymores are half human and half monster. If their monster half goes all havoc what will happen?

The mangaka seems to be aiming for a more realistic style. I really love the story line and the art really bothers you can tell I like to criticize art sometimes and sometimes the manga by the art. I try not to let the art get to me so yeah.