Thursday, February 24, 2011

Anime Drama CD's: Shinshi Doumei Cross!!!!!

I've been reading alot of manga and I discovered Drama CD's on youtube! Then I came across The Gentlemens Allaince Cross Drama CD! I never knew that there was a Drama CD!!!! I was like OMG~!!!!!!! I listened to it and I find that some of the voices actually suit the character. I think Haines seiyuu was good, oh and Shizumasa's and his brothers voice!!!!! (whoops.....I wasn't supposed to say that....)

Anyways, his voice! If you are a Gentlemens Allaince Cross fan than you will definetly love it!!!! If you haven't read it before, don't worry! The video includes the manga pages so you can listen and read it as it goes along (I hope....)! I love it since I haven't read the books in a while!

I really love Haines voice......I now realize that I'm pronouncing her name wrong...oh well. I also love everybody elses voices! Some were very hilarious!!!!!! I love Maguri's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was freaking out and I was like......"Yes Maguri's voice!!!! I finally get to hear your beautiful voice~!!!" (2nd video)

Oh my gosh!! Arina Tanemura voices some of the characters!!! I think the postman?........but anyways, I get to hear her of my favorite Mangaka!!!!! I love Strahl's!

I hoped you liked the Drama CD of the Gentlemens Allaince Cross!!!