Saturday, February 5, 2011

Nigahiga rocks!!

Now your probably thinking that the title is messed up and thats the point! Sorry this post is not about Manga right now but I have to take a break don't I? Anyways this is post is about this crazy and hilarious dude on youtube! His name is Ryan Higa, also known as Nigahiga on youtube and loves to make hilarious videos!

I love to watch his videos cause they are sooo funny! This video here is about Justin Bieber as said on the title of this video. Now don't worry, Nigahiga is not praising Justin Beiber, he is making fun of him. For those Justin Bieber haters (which would be me) you would totally love this video! I hope you can laugh at this one!

Nigahiga has made numerous videos and is very popular on youtube. My favorite is the SHAMWHOO! So funny! You know what? I'll just make you watch his videos!

So what do you think of him? Did they make you laugh???? I wonder what your favorite was.....Please comment!! If you really like him them look him up on and there should be a whole ton of videos that will make you smile and laugh. Looks like my break is over and back to manga again so Thank you to my awesome viewers!