Friday, February 4, 2011

Manga Recommedation: Happy Cafe

Ya know.....I really love food....This manga has nothing to do with food but a store that sells food. Or sweets, whatever its food!

Title: Happy Cafe, Shiawase Kissa Sanchome
Author: Matsuzuki Sou
Genres: Romance, Drama, Comedy, Shojo
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Age Rating: 13+ Teen
Status: Completed (Noooo!!!! T_T)

Summary: Uru Takamura is a very strong girl but short and often mistaken for a elementary school kid. After her mother gets remarried, Uru decides to live by herself. She looks for a job and ends up working in a shop called Bonheur with two interesting co-workers. One of them is Satsuki Shindou who looks scary and intimidating but actually a nice person who makes the sweets and cakes in the shop. And the other is the good looking Ichirou Nishikawa who falls right to sleep when he is hungry! You have to wake him up by feeding him food while he is sleeping! (Thats what I call funny and crazy!) What will become of them?

I really love this manga cause it is cute! Not magical or shojo type cute but how should I explain this? Personality wise, Uru is energenic, ambitious and always want the people around her to be Happy. I think its cute how she doesn't know what feelings people have for her. I think thats cute! Normally Shojo's are always getting the guy they like which is always very typical. Always ooey-gooey stuff goin on there and it drives me insane! But I like this one cause its normal, talks about how their life is now and has a bit of romance going on. Oh and Comedy, can't forget that! If you want to read this awesome manga you can read it online ( or support the manga by buying it in stores!

I am soo happy that the first Drama CD is out!!! You know what this means???? It means that the chances are that an anime is gonna come out!!! Im soo happy!!! The art gets better throughout the series so don't say anything bad about the art! The guys are hot...... >0<