Thursday, January 27, 2011

It started with a kiss.....

Well I am talking about a drama so don't go thinking that I kissed someone cause.....well I don't do that for one........continuing on I have been studying a bit for exams and I was bored and wanted to take a break from studying and as you know studying to much is bad for your head, especially mine. What?! Don't you dare think about my teeny brain! I'm not the smartest person in the world!

Wait!!! I have to tell you about Itazura na Kiss first! (What?!) Don't ignore me!! It started with a kiss is from the Japanese Manga/Anime; Itazura na Kiss. Of course the drama is different than the original manga or anime but it is soooooo great!

I cried at the ending of the was so beautiful!

Title: It Started with a kiss, 惡作劇之吻 (恶作剧之吻)
Type: Taiwanese Drama
Genres: Romance, School life, Drama, Comedy
Status: Completed

Summary: Yuan Xiang Qin's house just has been taken down by a level 2 earthquake in Taiwan. She has just been rejected by her long crush, Jiang Zhi Shu a very smart high school student who gets 100% in every single subject. Why has this happened? First him then my house? Luckly her father has found them a place to stay. She soon finds out that the place is staying is Zhi Shu's house. His father and Xiang Qin's father were very good friends when they were in highschool. Has this turn in events give another chance to capture the heart of the cold hearted Zhi Shu? or will it just end?

There are many different versions of the drama Itazura na Kiss but in my opinion this version of the drama is better than any other! Ariel Lin (Yuan Xiang Qin) acted out the part of Kotoko pretty well (Even though it was sorta embarrassing watching her do stupid stuff cause when I watch Dramas I feel like that kind of things are happening to me but thats the character of Kotoko!) and also the person who acted out Irie Naoto is very very very very very very very hot~!!!! Joe Cheng acted as Jiang Zhi Shu in the drama! The way he makes me wanna melt!!!! >/////<

Arigatou~!!!!!! ^0^