Monday, January 17, 2011

Manga of the week: Air Gear

I apollogize for not posting anything for a while!! Stupid exams........Well as a highschool student I do have to take exams or tests (Or do I?), whatever you want to call them. So I hope this post makes you happy that I did not die or disappear or decided to ditch you all so I decided to do one of these cause I haven't done one in a while so......^0^ Oh just to tell you people, I'm not that great at doing summurizations so....don't blame me!!

Author: Oh! Great
Genres: Adventure, Action, Shounen, Comedy, Sports
Age rating: Older teen 16+

Summary: Ikki "Baby Face" Minami goes home after being humilated by a Storm rider group called the Skull Saders only to find that his "sisters" are actually in an AT (Air treck) team called Sleeping Forest, they are quite a famous AT team. This is a secret that they have kept from Ikki until now. In the Anime, Angered by this he decides to steal one pair of ATs but in the Manga his sisters give him a pair and asks him to ride with them. Ikki soon grows a grudge on the Skull Saders and decide to get revenge on them. After getting a satisfying win, he wants to experience "flying" again in the sky for as long as he can. Due to this he has plunged into the world of AT's.

My review/opinion:
I really enjoy this Manga/Anime. It is full of Action, Comedy (So funny) and fun! I really love it! I never had fun with any shounen Anime/Manga before to be honest until I came across this one. Many shounens I've read/watched I smiled, laughed and sometimes cried but this was sorta unusual.....It made me laugh harder until I cried, think and smile until my mouth hurt. I just love this Manga/Anime!! It is soo good!Beware.....It may contain some mature themes....not really but nudity I think.

Anyways the manga has won the 2006 Kodansha Manga Award in the Shounen category and was praised for both dubbing (surprising....I liked the dubbing) and subbing. It was also praised for the awesome soundtracks. I really love the soundtracks! I never usually actually take notice of the soundtracks but this anime made me look into it. To be honest this anime/manga has given me some inspiration. If you have watched or read this then you would probably know why. So I'd like you to try to listen to some of the soundtracks cause they are quite catchy. You know how music in movies or shows comes in the right time? Well I sorta feel like that when I watch the anime with the sweet soundtrack in the background!

Some of the tracks are based on the song "Chain" by Back-On

How do you like them??? I know they are awesome!!!!!! (I know that you wouldn't be saying that so I'm trying to be postive here!)