Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hot Drama dudes

Since I have like nothing else to talk about...I'll just talk away about.....Hot guys who play in Dramas. I really love Hana Kimi and Hana yori Dango. Oh and Hong Gil Dong! (Korean Drama)

Oguri Shun

He plays in various Japanese Dramas. I know him from Hana Yori Dango and Hana Kimi. He plays Sano Izumi from Hana Kimi and plays Rui Hanazawa in Hana Yori Dango.

Kang Ji Hwan

Kang Ji Hwan plays Hong Gil Dong in the drama Hong Gil Dong (Korean). He won best couple award with Sung Yu Ri, who also plays in Hong Gil Dong.

Kim Joon

Kim Joon is known for his singing, acting and modeling. He is famous for acting as Song Woo Bin in the Korean version of Hana Yori dango; Boys over flowers. The K-pop (Korean pop) group he is in is called T-Max. His songs are soo good! Some of his songs are in the drama Boys over flowers.

Kim Hyun Joong

.....As you can notice I posted alot of pictures of him.....He is sooo hot~! >Melts<  Sorry, I really love him!
Why do Korean guys have to be so hot? Anyways Kim Hyun Joong is known for playing Yoon Ji Hoo in the Korean drama, Boys over flowers and Baek Seung-Jo in the Korean drama Playful Kiss (very amazing!!!!) Playful Kiss is based on the Japanese manga, Itazura na Kiss. He is the leader of the ever so popular Boy band SS501. I really really really love Kim Hyun Joong's hair style! So hot and cool!!!!

Well I don't watch alot of Dramas so this is all of the people I know is hot and worthy to be on my Hot drama dude list. Most of them are Korean guys....oh well they are soo hot~!