Saturday, January 8, 2011

Fairy Navigator Runa and Mamotte! Lolipop

Another Manga Recommendation.........I have a different story with this one.....appartently it was a brithday present that I got today from my friend Jenny. My birthday was last month and she apparently lost it in her closet. She finally found it underneath a pile of old clothes. It was very very funny and I was happy that she found it! Before she lost it she had some trouble of trying to find me what manga to buy me at the bookstore. So she asked a group of people that looked gothic of what book to buy or that I might like or might not have (I know too many manga's and I don't have that many manga's) Its actually quite funny. She was worried that I have already read it (to tell you the truth I've heard it but never read it yet until today) or already had it (which I don't but now I do!) So thats my story of how I got to know Fairy Navigator Runa but I bet you don't really care so here is some information about it! ^0^

Title: Fairy Navigator Runa
Author: Miyoko Ikeda
Artist: Michiyo Kikuta
Genre: Romance, Adventure, Fantasy
Age Rating: 13+

Summary: An ophaned girl named Runa Rindo was left in front of a school with only a wooden box and a pendent when she was a baby. Now in the forth grade and strange things start to happen.

I personally think that this manga is very great! This manga is mainly aimed at younger girls because I can just tell that the art is shoujo meaning it is sorta bubbly and cute. I really want to get the second book now! The illustrations are done by Michiyo Kikuta who is also known for doing a manga called Mamotte! Lolipop. It has been turned into an anime and quite popular! I know it has its cheesy parts and yeah can be for younger audiences but I really love it!

Author: Michiyo Kikuta
Genres: Romance, Fantasy, Adventure, Comedy, School Life
Age Rating: 13+

Summary: Nina "accidentally" swallows the crystal pearl that is needed for an sorcery exam. Since she swallowed the crystal pearl by accident...she is now the target for all of the sorcerers that is taking part in the exam. Apparently due to this turns of events she is now protected by two wizard boys. One is named Zero and the other is named Ichii. They will protect her until the potion is complete. Apparently the potion takes 6 months to complete so in the end Zero and Ichii follow her around, at school and home.
I can't believe it finished!......Wait!!! There is a sequel!!! If you want to know it is called Madotte! Mamotte! Lolipop! by Michiyo Kikuta. I was soo happy when I found out there was a sequel! I'm sorry, I am a sucker for Shojo manga's......Why did Shojo beat have to stop being made?!? It was the best Shojo manga magazine ever!!!