Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My rant on Magical Girls!!!!!!!!!

ARRGGHHHH!!!!! So frustrating!!!! You know whats sooo frustrating?????? Magical Girls!!!!! I know they are cute and all but they are sooooo predictable!!! Yes I am talking about the cute and fluffy kinds of Magical Girls. If you haven't watched any Magical girl types then........You may not like them (I sorta like them but thats not the point) Here If your getting all confused I'll tell you some types of Magical girls and some great Magical girls to watch or read (If your interested at least but this is a Rant!)

*Cough* Continuing on with my rant.......Magical Girls are sooo predictable!!!!!! Like they say "Oh no its one of those monsters again!" Jeez man.....I think we all know that! On top of that, the fighting scenes are so repetitive. Every single episode or so the fighting scences seem the same! For example, Futari wa Pretty cure or the whole entire season for it! Fighting scences repetitive! Also......why do most stories have to be revolved with groups of girls? Why not with one? In Fresh precure they have 3 girls teaming up. Or Mermaid melody with 3 also?? Why 3??? Its soo common! So frustrating!

I'm also complaining of how much most Magical girls have to be cute, clumsy or something fluffy like that! Most are totally weaklings! Like from the anime Jewel Pet Tinkle for example, the main character is a total weakling and has no confidence in herself and she joins up with an animal to learn magic so she can get the confidence and believe in herself. Ya know you can do that without magic! Also most main characters......(this one really makes me laugh or angry), they are pretty slow at realizing things. Like, Love or something or they are to embarrassed or shy to admit it! Nanasturio (I can't spell it! I'm sorry!!) drops for example. Cute girl,! Why am I talking about the weakling ones? Other types of Magical girl main characters are like, really smart or athletic! The total opposite to some fluffy or cute Magical girl.

Some Magical girls really really really scare me!! The art totally great but the story is somewhat dark and bit more mature than a very typical Magical girl. Take Magical girl Nanoha for example. The story is very somewhat dark and how should I explain this? Just aimed at a more Mature audience.

Without Magical Girl animes/mangas my life wouldn't be complete in a way........You know my first Manga I've ever read was a Magical girl? It was called Cardcaptor Sakura by CLAMP. I almost forgot Sailor moon. Now that one brings back memories (That made me sound old wow). Anyways, I like SOME of them. Like Shugo chara for example. Amu has a total opposite personality to any normal main character to a normal cute Magical girl story. Her outer personality is considered "Cool and Spicy" by students but at home she has a worrying feeling about her outer personality and I don't know I just like this story than any other Magical girl story in my opinion. Of course it has its scences of repetitive but overall the art is great the story is overly amazing!

I could rant on and on about this but...I should study more I think.