Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hello 2011!

Sorry this post is not about manga.......the next one will be!

I'd like to welcome 2011! Good-bye 2010! Now it is a New year! So happy! Sorry I just wasted a post but whatever. Oh and by they blog has reached 1,000 views overall! Congratulation to me! (Bow Bow) I know it is pathetic but I'm quite happy about it!

Whats up with 2012??? I mean its just another year but whats so special about it? Man it just irritates me how it is the end of the world thingy.....I know its not true! Dumb calendar They even made a movie of whats going to happen! The ending sucked and like only the main characters lived, oh I wonder why? I just hate those kinds of movies that only the main character HAS to live. I know it would ruin the story but one of them has to die. Do you know what I mean? Maybe not....... Well It totally annoys me. Grrrr......

So anyways thank god for a good year!

Arigatou for reading my blog!!!