Friday, December 24, 2010

Ending sucks

*Warning........I may say some endings  May contain some spoilers if you haven't read the manga or watched the anime*

I hate it how mangas or animes end!!! They absolutely suck!!!!! For example.....Full Moon wo sagashite. I hate it how Mitsuki just screams out Takutos (a hot dude) name and he just turns around and just stares at her and then spots Meroko, then it just ends there!!!! I was like...balling my eyes out and yeah I don't like that dumb ending. The ending in the Manga is wayy better! Mitsuki ends up with Takuto and continuing her dream and Meroko is with whats his face?.........I forgot but he is hot. Oh yeah his name is.....Izumi. I think thats right~!

Another horrible ending is......Ginban Kaleidoscope!!!! Manga and Anime ending is the worst. In the anime Pete just leaves and Tazusa doesn't even say "I love you" to Pete! ARRGGGHH!! I hate it!! Pete should of came back to life!!!!! So frustrating!! The manga is not even done yet and I think it won't even end as good either. I heard the Novel is the worst ending by far but I haven't read it cause..I cant read Japanese. ^0^'' You know....most of the bad endings go to shorter this one. Its only 12 or 13 episodes which really disappoints me.

Hmmm....What else? I kinda didn't like the ending to Nanatsuiro Drops. ななついろ★ドロップス Nanatsuiro★Doroppusu. I haven't yet read the manga yet but I kinda didn't like the ending of the anime. I didn't like how Tsubawaki (I can't spell his name so...look it up on Wikipedia) had to drink that forget potion thingy! I was crying (I am emotional so shut up) I can see why he had to drink that potion but.......It mad him forget that he loved Sumomo!!!! I can't believe she can't tell him that she is his girlfriend and stuff!!! I'm crying and there is Tsubawaki trying to figure things out! I didn't like the ending at all!! Too bad its only 13 episodes......I think? Whatever.


Happy Christmas Eve!