Thursday, January 12, 2012

Yay! New anime 2012: Aquarion Evol

I just noticed on that there has been quite a few of new anime that just came out. There were alot but some managed to catch my eye. Since I'm really stressed out because of exams, I decided to just watch a couple of them and man, I was happy watching them!

Title: Aquarion Evol
Genres: Shonen, Action, Romance, Mecha, Sci-fi
Age Rating: 16+ Older Teen
Status: Ongoing

Summary: ( Twelve thousand years ago, after the fierce battles with Aquarions that became legendary... People are living in fear from the abduction of Abductors who descend from another dimension. Aquarea, the joined weapon opposes to this. Dating and unification between guys and girls are prohibited even with that crafts as well as the elements candidates from the school. However the fateful encounter between the lonely guy Amata and a girl Mikono changes everything. Now love prohibited, new Unification Legend is ready to activate!

The animation blew my mind away!! Just wow! I'm so impressed!! The art is......(omigosh) soo amazing!!! I pratically fainted when I saw the guys!! *drools* My goodness, they are soo freaking hot!!! The fighting scenes are just epic and really cool! I usually don't watch Mecha anime types but I think I'm in love! I really love the designs, they are really unique!

For some odd reason, I recognize some of the voices of the characters......I wonder where I heard them??

I have to be honest here, I haven't seen the prequel (I can't remember the name....) to Aquarion Evol and I was lost with the storyline but it became a bit clearer during the show. I found it hard to grasp of what was happening because everything was happening a bit to fast. When it got to a certain part, I started to understand it a bit more. I wish they did some explaining at the beginning......but they did that throughout the anime which was good cause I was trying to figure it out!

I can sense there was a bit of fanservice.......seriously, why do the people make girl boobs really big?! I just don't understand Japanese people when it comes to girls and boobs. They don't need to over exaggerate girl boobs cause I think we get it! Also, what's up with the union thing? I get it but they don't need to go over the top.......they are just like having sex........urgh. Gross. "I'm being torn apart!" Great. I didn't need to know that. - _ - ''

The storyline to me, is original but a bit corny. It made me happy to find some kind of romance in a action/mecha type of anime. I feel that this anime is trying to get different kind of audiences with the interesting plotline. More like impress. But that's how I feel. I personally like the anime and I enjoy it alot aside from the cornyness and vaugeness.