Saturday, May 12, 2012

Provincials + Photography!

My goodness! Today was such a busy day! I managed to take pictures for my Digital Photography portfolio, go to the mall and sing for Choir Provincials! Or was it the other way around? Nevermind. My pictures are pretty boring but hey, I took a picture of something! I love the school camera's! They are amazing for depth of field!

Today I had to wake up at like 6:00 am to get ready because my friends mom (she is like my second mom!) had to pick me up at 7. However, I couldn't find my black flats. It sucked so bad because I had to wear my moms flat black shoes which were wayy to big on me. Plus, I'm in the front. Great. Luckly my dress was long and it would hide my feet!

One choir decided to cancel which is totally bad! Not to brag or anything, our choir is the best choir in town. We get high marks and everything. I was really hoping we could have competition for once but that never happened. I wasn't in the choir last year but the choir travelled with the band (I was in the band!) to New York. My best friend told me that they got really high marks and the adjudicator loved them. It turns out that the adjudicator in New York adjudicated us today! She was really happy to hear us again! She gave us so much praise and the highest mark. She told us that she might have given the highest mark she has given in the whole entire festival. We got first place and scholarship money! I think it was 250$? Yeah, around that. I love getting money! :D

We watched three older choirs and then left. I went to the mall! Look what I bought!

I got these today at the mall! They are adorable! Gigi is unfortunately for my friends birthday and it seemed perfect for her! The Hello Kitty headphones reminded me of her! I had to buy something for myself so I could feel better. I also bought books and something for my mother since it is Mother's day tomorrow.

I'm soo happy that we went to a book store~! Since Sailor moon is now in print, I decided to at least collect them because they are my very first and all time favorite manga/anime! Don't judge me! Sailor moon rocks! > x <

Here, I was very bored and I wanted to take pictures of my stuff animals! :D

My Usa-chan Plushie (the pink thing....) from Comic-con! Isn't he cute sitting there? He is such a great model! > x <

Did you know that this stuff animal (the one just above) is from the awesome Korean Drama, "You're Beautiful". If you are a "You're Beautiful" fan, you would be able to regonize this pig-rabbit! This pig-rabbit is like the main character and star of the show! You would understand me if you watched the drama. If you didn't, YOU MUST! Is amazing!