Sunday, May 13, 2012

:D Korean Movie! Koala Kid: Birth of a Hero

I probably should be doing my homework......but I just started this movie! It's great!! > x <

Title: Koala Kid: Birth of a Hero
Type: Korean
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Action
Age Rating: All Ages

Summary: This movie is about a white koala named Johnny who is constantly discriminated and isolated by his friends because of his white fur. He meets two other animals who convince him to join the circus.

This movie is definetly different! It's soo funny and great!!! I have never watched a cartoon Korean movie before! This is so cute!

Girls Generation's Sunny and Shinee's Taemin are the leading voices in this film. OH MY GOSH! I didn't know that!! Sunny and Taemin are probably my favorite members ever! Taemin voices the white Koala, Johnny. I get to his hot voice.......*dies* This movie is so great!