Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Today is my siblings birthday! Yay! I'm posting this just for him and I hope he reads this. I'm not the type to say things in peoples faces very often. :) He is one year younger than me and such a pain. Haha! If you ever had a sibling, you will understand my pain. I'm the oldest in the family and he is the middle child. He is pretty talented. I really do like to brag about him and his awesome piano skills. We are Asians. Joke! Haha! > x <

Here's a song by News! I love their songs! It took a long time to find this song because youtube is being a jerk by taking this song down everytime! They should keep this song on youtube!

NEWS- Happy Birthday

Anyways, here is his first video on youtube. Sorry about the video quality. Next time, I'll use a different camera! Oh, this song is called My Redeemer lives. Me and my sibling play in the worship team for church! I'm so proud of him! Of course, he is our most prized pianist! You should have seen the people in Toronto, man, they wanted him to stay!

Just so you know, I play piano myself and my sibling here surprasses me. I don't really care. At least I'm better than him when it comes to drawing! Anyways, Happy Birthday beloved brother!

*Sigh...* I'm so tired! I went to bed at like 10:30 last night and I woke up at 7 today but why am I tired?! You know what's funny? On Sunday I went to bed at 2am finishing up a Social assignment......but the next morning I was wide awake! I'm such a weird person. It was so hot today! I was dying! I hate the sun.......well not alot. I don't like it when the sun makes my skin darker! We filipino's don't burn but get darker! My poor skin... :P

I'll post a manga/anime recommendation shortly! :D