Saturday, May 12, 2012

Manga recommendation: Scissor Sisters

I want another haircut! I know my hair is short but it feels so long! ARGH! Speaking of haircuts, my best friend is going to get this kick butt haircut! Her style is more Punk which is extremely cool! Her makeup is amazing too! I like the makeup but it takes tons of work to put on makeup. I praise her for the amount of effort to put makeup. Sorta like this.....but maybe more!

My best friend changes her mind frequently but finally she made up her mind. This is the haircut she might go for or something around those lines.

Look at this wicked hairstyle!

Anways, if you are wondering, my kind of clothing style is more on the pop/hiphop and Asian-ish punk. I love to mix clothing styles! Also, I'm in love with short hair! Look at all this!

Don't they look cool? I'm pretty confident I can pull them off! I really like Asian men haircuts cause I'm such a tomboy.

Scissor Sisters 1 - Page 3

Title: Scissor Sisters
Author: Daigo, Eiki and (Art) Mario
Genres: Magical girl, Seinen, Comedy, Action, Fantasy
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Age Rating: 16+ Older Teen
Status: Ongoing

Summary: The summary was pretty vague on but I managed to get most of the plotline in it. There is this mysterious hairstylist place where Momoko Kanno applies for a job. The girls cut and style her hair and Momoko absoloutely loved it. On her way home she encounters a Datsuumo alien. Why is this here and why does it want to eat Momoko's hair?

Scissor Sisters 2 - Page 1

This manga just came out and it's pretty interesting! I'm enjoying it and the art is fairly amazing! The boobs look wayy to big.....