Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Shugo Chara Challenge Day 5: Tadamu, Kukamu, Amuto, NagihikoxAmu or KairixAmu?

*Major spoilers if haven't watched/read Shugo Chara. Read at own risk!*

I'm sorry but I'm standing on Amuto on this one! I will admit that Tadamu, NagihikioxAmu and KairixAmu was cute but AMUTO ALL THE WAY! Shugo Chara fans out there that read/watched the entire manga/anime (SPOILERS!!! Turn back if you don't want to hear it!) that Ikuto kissed Amu on the cheek! It was so cute~!!!!!! Come on, on the lips please? The reason why I didn't inclue Kukai and Amu as a pair because the manga, Kukai kisses Utau! He belongs with her!

Amuto!!! <3
Scenes that make me melt, happy, cry, blush and fangirl like crazy. I can't remember what chapter they were................oh well. Time to re-read this series again!
Classic Ice cream funny! > x <

Kukai and Utau!

AHHH!!!!! 0////0


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  1. awww i adore amuto XD in fact it's the reason i even started to watch the show. XD


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