Thursday, September 6, 2012

Shugo Chara Challenge Day 2: Favorite Character

Are you serious??? This challenge is making me think! I just finished a whole of math questions/reviews a few hours ago and my head is still hurting from thinking too much! The school day just ended four hours ago (we end at 3:30pm) and I'm still tired! School is so tiring! Today was the first official day! I got to see new first and second years entering our school. Plus, Exchange students! I love being a creeper and welcoming them to our country and friend group. It's fun! I want them to feel welcome. At first its awkward with the langauge barrier but its good for the exchange student for they are learning english. I remember when Amy first brought her cousin who just arrived from Korea. Amy's cousin's name is Elly. I think its soo cool when Koreans have their Korean name but when they come to Canada or something, they get to pick their English name. That is sooo neat! I wish I could do that! :)

Anyways, back to Elly. Elly is slightly older than our friend group but she doesn't look her age. We asians look younger than we look depending who you are talking too. Elly came to Canada to learn and expand her english. That's great for her! I would never be able to leave the comfort of my home in Canada and learn another in Korea or something. My Social teacher discovered my blog and was like, "You should go to South Korea and go to school there! Did you know that we have a sister school there?" Wow, my Social teacher is funny. I love her!

Amu (Left) and Ikuto (Right) Kyyaaa~~!!!! :)

Woah, wayy off topic but I should get going on my challenge! As you have noticed, I like to talk about my life alot. I also like to write so.........................enough about me! On with the Challenge!!

Day 2: Favorite Character

I honestly have no clue. All the characters are great, cute and cool by themselves but together as a group? I'm in love with them!!! I just don't know........I guess I love Amu, Ikuto and Kukai because well, Ikuto and Kukai are hot and have such funny personalities that clash with Amu. I love Tadase because he is utterly adorable but............he will never top Ikuto!!! Sorry will be my third hot guy on my Shugo Chara character list!

The many hot faces of Ikuto! ////> x </////


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