Sunday, September 30, 2012

Shugo Chara Challenge Day 26: Did you start watching/reading as series was still on-going or after it ended?

I'm in the middle of multitasking. I have to finish to things for school and updating my blog. Sigh. I have to write about the French Revolution for Social and write 20 complex sentences for French class. I think I'm going to die. > x <

I remember when I first started watching the anime. The manga/anime was still ongoing. I read/watched the manga/anime at the same. They were amazing! I'm sad that Shugo Chara has ended......

The list!

Day 1- How did you discover Shugo Chara?
Day 2- Favorite Character
Day 3- Favorite Guardian
Day 4- Favorite Chara
Day 5- Tadamu, Kukamu, Amuto, NagihikoxAmu or KairixAmu?
Day 6- Favorite season (the first one, doki, party)
Day 7- Favorite opening
Day 8- Favorite ending
Day 9- Favorite pairing
Day 10- Favorite CharaChange
Day 11- Favorite Character Transformation
Day 12- Nadeshiko or Nagihiko?
Day 13- Favorite Chara Egg
Day 14- Have you ever written or read a FanFic of SC!
Day 15- What if you woke up tomorrow with a Guardian Chara’s egg (or 3 eggs) underneath you?
Day 16- What if you woke up in Shugo Chara world.
Day 17- Can you do Bala-balance?
Day 18- Ever quote the anime?
Day 19- Do you see yourself in one of the characters? (Like, do any remind you of yourself?)
Day 20- Which character would you cosplay as?
Day 21- Do you ever make any fanart?
Day 22- Do you have any songs from the anime on your mp3?
Day 23- Ever find yourself carrying your bag over your shoulder like Amu?
Day 24- Do you have a mask/fake personality that you use in front of most people like Amu?
Day 25- When you hear Easter do you think of the holiday or Shugo Chara?
Day 26- Did you start watching/reading as series was still on-going or after it ended?
Day 27- What if Shugo Chara Encore was made into an anime?
Day 28- Would you be excited if Shugo Chara manga was published where you live?
Day 29- If they decided to dub Shugo Chara in English, would you be excited or upset?
Day 30- What’s your dream?


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