Friday, September 28, 2012

Shugo Chara Challenge Day 24: Do you have a mask/fake personality that you use in front of most people like Amu?

Personally, I kinda do and don't. Going through highschool is difficult but I just act like myself because well, I don't care what other people think! I sometimes wear a mask at home and I feel like I can't be who I am at home. At school, I feel like I'm free and I can do what I like.

If you are that type of person who likes to wear a mask, you should be yourself. It's not good to be someone else. No one will know the real you. Who cares what society thinks? It's you against the world. What's the point of living your life if you just act like somebody else? You only live once. YOLO! Or............YODO! You only die once! ^_^ Anyways, I have to head out now, I'm in a rush! I'll talk to you guys later!


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