Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Shugo Chara Challenge Day 10+11: Favorite Chara Change + Favorite Character Transformation

I feel like I have failed you guys.............oh well. School has gotten in the way! I have no time to blog on the weekends, let alone the weekdays. Today is just an exception because I don't get certain questions on my math homework and I'm pretty sure we are going to go over them in class tomorrow so yeah. As for Physics, I finished it at school. I also got my school pictures! I actually look pretty! Wow............. :)

I love all character changes! They are always so amusing! Maybe Nadeshiko's is the most funny..........or Tadase's...........man, so many to chose from! So funny!!!

Anyways, my favorite Chara transformations would probably be Ikuto's Black Lynx (so sexy~!), Nagihiko's Beat Jumper (so cool!!!), or Amu's Amulet Spade. I don't know..........there are so many cool and special character changes! Each are so cool and unique in their own way. I can't choose!

Black Lynx (Ikuto)
Beat Jumper (Nagihiko)
Amulet Spade (Amu)
All Shugo Chara transformations!

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