Wednesday, August 29, 2012

News + Updates!

Any Casandra Clare Fans? I am!!!! :) If you already heard this, then this post won't mean very much. Anyways, Casandra Clare will have her books made into a comic or manga!!! I'm soooo excited!!!! As this picture below says, the manga will come out October 30th, 2012!!!! I'M GETTING IT! If anyone is getting me a birthday present.............*hint* *hint* I want the manga!!! ^_^

Also, spread the word, if more people know then they MIGHT release it earlier! The earlier the better!!!!!! Spread the word!

Ok! Down to business, I have updated my Shojo page (I still have one more shojo post to go!) and the Shonen page will be updated soon. I have TONS of manga's/anime's that will be recommended because school is going to start up in September and I want to tell you guys of all the manga/anime I read/watched over the summer. Please look forward to it!


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