Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Happy Belated Birthday to Ai!

Time: Midnight

Sleepy..............but don't want to sleep! I have this terrible cold. My fever is going away at least but my headache is killing me. (Well, duh, you are staring a bright computer plus its midnight) Here I am drinking lemon tea with lots of sugar. My throat is extremely sore and I can't talk!

Wow, look at how I started this post. Sorry Ai! I didn't want to sound extremely cheesy. You'd hate me! Anyways, I just wanted to dedicate this post to my best friend Ai! Who is Ai you ask? Well, Ai has been my best friend since....................grade six I believe. I can't even remember how we first met. All I remember is that manga has brought us together! :D I'm such a nerd.

Random picture ....... :P Just something to make you smile

I moved away before grade eight happened so I feel extremely bad. Until now, me and her has been exchanging emails and letters. Since I got to see Estelle last week, I gave my birthday present to her to give to Ai. If you are Ai reading this, I hope you like it..................I drew lots of hot guys for you.........I'm sorry if they fail or something!

Arina Tanemura is her favorite mangaka ever! Arina Tanemura is amazing~! Ai's birthday is on August 9th same with my other two friends, Elly and Aaryn. I unfortunately missed it because I was camping. Please don't hate me! > x < Haha!

When I was with Estelle, I got her into the Korean drama, You're Beautiful. My mission is to get Ai addicted to this drama too. Especially the songs. They are amazing! Shall I put some here for you? Doesn't matter if you say yes or no, I'm putting them on anyways! MWHAHAHA! I am the master!


I'm seriously going crazy. Great, being sick also means going insane. You know what they say, if the world is sane, you just need to be insane just to make life more interesting.

Current Time: sdfjdfsieieijaljsfdilewje (1am)

Please don't get confused. By this time, its probably..................one am. I just quit this post and crashed at this point. What I mean by crashed is, getting a terrible headache and laying my head on this laptop like it was my pillow for half and hour until I realized it wasn't my pillow. Sorry if I'm being confusing but hey, life is confusing!

Current Time: 12:00 Lunch time!

I went to bed at like, 2am. I finally woke up and ate just now so hopefully there isn't anymore distractions. Please forgive me Ai. Now where were we? Ah, yes, the songs! Here they are. Ai, if you are reading this, you better listen to them and watch the drama with Estelle or something!

As Ever

Without Words

Well, I guess this is the end of this post. Wait! I have another song, the birthday song! Of course its going to be a Japanese song.
권보아(Gwon Boa) - Happy Birthday(Japanese) 

English Translation: Impatient of waiting Happy birthday, unreached I love you I wonder what the you today knows, although I've always been by your side Always two of us together, merrily meet and gazed upon each other It seems I thought that even without words, it will be fine The promise I made with you, I wonder if you still remember The wish at that time still remains the same Spring is coming again, in the middle of the street is glittering While thinking of you, I chose the present Impatient of waiting Happy Birthday, unreached I love you I wonder if the you today is smiling. Although I've always been by your side after how long is only time flows Will it become easier, will it be completely forgotten If only hurt memories are remembered just a little The season only filled with your real self Celebrations were always with the two of us Your dreams were always seen together and always wished to make them come true for you From my heart happy birthday, all alone I miss you Someday when your dream starts to blossom, I wanted to be by your side to see it Spring is coming again, in the middle of the street it's glittering While thinking of you, I chose the present Impatient of waiting Happy Birthday, unreached I love you I wonder if the you today is smiling. Because I'm always praying for your happiness Actual Birthday Message: I just want to say, I'm happy I met you Ai. I am extremely happy I became best friends with you! I'm sad that I can't come to your party or at least see you. I have to see you before we both graduate. You are an amazing and beautiful person. I wish I could draw like you...............Love you tons!!! Arigatou~!!