Friday, April 1, 2011

Gender Bender Drama's

Today I went to my best friends house. On my way there, several people came up to me and asked...."Are you a guy?"

Do you know much of an insult is that???? I know I have a hat on and I recently had a haircut but....really?! Frustrating.....its so sad...... ^_^

Anways, down to the my best friends house we watched some awesome Korean Drama's. Gender benders were the best to laugh at! I don't have a favorite Korean Drama.......they are all soooo good!!! I can't choose.......but my favorite type are Gender benders!!

Title: You're Beautiful, 미남이시네요
Type: Korean Drama
Genres: Romance, Gender Bender, Comedy
Status: Completed (16 Episodes)

Summary: Mi Nyu is an orphan and is the twin of Mi Nam, who was chosen to be the new member of the idol group, A.N.JELL. However after signing the contract, he needed to go to the US to get his botched eye repaired. His agent came up with the idea with his sister, Mi Nyu to take his place. She didn't want to ruin her brother's chance to fame, she agreed and figured that it would be easier to find their mother that way. Can she keep her secret from the other members?

This drama is simply hilarious!!!! The actors acted out so awesomely!! (Is that even a word? Oh, Who cares!) I really love the blonde haired guy.....I forgot his name but he is totally hot and his character is soooo funny!!!!

Title: 1st Shop of Coffee Prince, 커피프린스 1호점
Type: Korean Drama
Genres: Romance, Gender Bender, Comedy
Status: Completed (17 Episodes)

Summary: Go Eun Chan is a girl who works every single day to pay off debts. In the process she gave up her feminine image. She bumps into Choi Han Kyul, the heir of a large food company. His grandmother arranged many dates for him. When Eun Chan bumps into him, Han Kyul mistakes her for a guy. He decides to hire her to be his gay lover so that his grandmother would stop setting up dates for him. In need for money she had no choice but to accept. Han Kyul's grandmother also put him in charge of a coffee shop that is in danger of being bankrupt. Eun Chan begs Han Kyul to work at Coffee Prince. When she starts working there Eun Chan starts to develop feelings for Han Kyul. He also does for her but he doesn't know that Eun Chan is a girl!

I personally think that this drama is a true masterpiece. I think its cute, romantic and overly funny! The story  just flows perfectly.