Monday, April 4, 2011

Blog Recommendation! Inside my Head!

Today I'm back to school. Spring break wasn't long enough...........anways, right now I'm in class in the computer lab and yeah. I decided to blog! You are probably thinking its a really bad idea to blog during class but we have a subitute today. (So much fun to have subtitutes) Since I have nothing to do (maybe) I wanted to blog! Now......I want to do something different! I think it would be fun to talk about different Blogs! Ok, the blog I will be talking about is my friend Jenny's blog.

Jenny Jen: "That's not my name!"
Chibiko: "Whatever, you still answer me anyways"
Jenny Jen: ......."Don't make me call you Rosey"
Chibiko: "NOO!!! Don't call me that!!! I typed Jenny then crossed it out. Did you notice?" (I love to call her
Jenny, her reaction is soo funny!) "Oh for those who don't know, Jenny keeps changing her name!! Jenny, Jennifer, Jen........Same thing!"
Jenny Jen: "No its not, ROSEY"
Chibiko: !!!!!! "Don't call me that!"
Jenny Jen: "Then don't call me Jenny"
Chibiko: "You know....I still haven't gotten used to calling you Jen, much less typing it!"
Jen: "Wow"
Chibiko: "Look! I didn't have to cross out Jenny! I ended up typing Jen!"
Jen: "Congratulations" (Laugh)

Anyways, her blog is called Inside my head. She talks about life and she quite often talks about me too. Its quite funny. For example, when me and her went around looking for a victim for April Fool's day. You should try reading it! Read it Here! If you want to know what my life as a normal highschool student is like, then read her blog! Her life is alot more exciting than mine! (Maybe not, I watch anime and read manga all day!! My life is exciting!) Warning: Her blog is very very very very funny!!!!