Thursday, April 28, 2011

Day 5- Anime character your most like or wish to be

Time Stranger KyokoI don't know what anime character I am most like.........or who I want to be for the most part. I think I am several different characters. I think I am most like Ran, an energenic person and Miki, a person who loves art from Shugo Chara or (not an anime, I wish!! Oh wait....there is an OVA!) Chocola, a person who loves chocolate (Thats totally me!), from Time Stranger Kyoko. Well, I am always positive, happy and energenic. I don't really care what my situation and always look at the bright side. I'm not really positive about my drawings (they truly suck!) but I really love art!

Random picture from Time Stranger Kyoko. You can read my post about it here! Oh wait I've been doing some thinking.......maybe I can be one person! I am most like, Ichigo Amano from Yumeiro Patisserie. She just eats tons and tons of food! I'm like that allll the way! I love food!