Friday, April 8, 2011

Who knows a clean freak? Manga Recommendation: Cleanlines Boy Fully Equipped

I'm sorry for not posting anything in a while! Such a busy week! As you heard from Jenny Jen (you can read her blog here!), we had a Music festival a few days ago and we both got the most highest mark! I did soo bad during our Flute duet..........but we got an Honors! or an "H" for short! (Highest mark) I'm soo happy! Hard work payed off!

........There you know why I haven't been blogging! I have soo much homework because I was putting it to last minute because of festival and whatnot......I just have that habit. That's another reason I couldn't blog. I'm sorry! :)

Anways, during my busy week my friend lent me this manga book called Cleanlines Boy Fully Equipped or Keppeki Shounen Kanzen Soubi by Tobina Touya (my version of the book, Clean Freak). At first I thought it looked stupid but it turned out to be very very very funny! Its really cute and awesome! I couldn't stop laughing at Sata (the cleanaholic and I guess he is a germaphobic). The things he does to avoid germs. Its soo funny! :D

Keppeki Shounen Kanzen Soubi 5 - Page 10

Title: Cleanlines Boy Fully Equipped
Author: Tobina Touya
Genres: Comedy, Romance, Shojo, School life
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Age Rating: 13+ Teen
Status: Ongoing

Summary: Sata Senda is obsessed with cleanness because of a very scary experience 3 years ago. Since then he had a protective mask and antibacterial spray with him. He was very careful to have any close contact with anybody. By doing this, he has no friends. And then came the school field trip. Will he be able survive the trip?

Keppeki Shounen Kanzen Soubi 1 - Page 10

 Keppeki Shounen Kanzen Soubi 1 - Page 1

I know you think it seems stupid but......I still love it! Its soo great and funny! The art is alright and I'm patiently waiting for the 2nd book to come out! I want to read it!!

Now as for my question.....I honestly don't know any Clean Freaks.