Thursday, April 14, 2011

Drawings!! (I know they suck)

I'm sorry for not busy......but I'm here now! Today I want to talk about my horrible drawings!

So every first time blogger I look at other blogs that have some similar topics that I do on my blog. So I look at this one blog and see that they have like over 100 followers! I'm like, "Oh my gosh!! Thats alot!!" After seeing that, I felt pathetic and so I wanted to get alot of views! I was soo fired up and decided to put some of my drawings on my blog........Don't you dare laugh! I don't really like some of them cause I suck at drawing! Just to tell you I tried very very hard to draw them! Some I like a little..... ^////^

Anyways I'm not a pro so don't laugh or make fun of them! Oh and also I tend to draw alot of Chibi's.............If you don't know what are those then they are cute and small, with big heads and eyes. They are cute! Oh and.......I need to thank you guys because.....I have over 4,000 views!!! Hooray to me!

Also....please don't get these pictures and take them as your own.......I really appreciate it! Thanks!

For this picture (the top above this) and other pictures on this post, I tried to color it on Adobe Photoshop Elements 7.0.....I just got the program and I have no idea how to use it! If you are a pro and know how....can you please help me out here! Please comment!!! >///<

Ummm.....I think thats all for today. I'm sorry to disappoint drawing skills suck and don't even think of praising me! Sorry I get really embarrassed when people praise my art and sometimes I don't think I even deserve it. I'll post more later. Most of them are not worthy to be on my blog.........anyways I want to be an awesome artist!

Here is an awesome song you have to listen to!! Its Nukumori by Homemade Kazoku!! I love Home made Kazoku! Nukumori is probably my most favorite song other than No Rain No Rainbow.