Thursday, December 27, 2012

Finally posted a video on youtube!

Hey guys! This post will be quite short.......but whatever! I had a jamming session with one of my managers from Mcdonalds and we sounded awesome today! We didn't have a really good camera but we ended up using a phone to record it all! We did more songs but I managed to upload one for now. I'm the girl singing................I hope I sounded alright! My brother is playing the piano (he looks a bit like me right?) and the one playing guitar is my manager, Tito Mike! ^_^

We did a song for church which I hope you guys don't mind. It's a really pretty song, whether your religous or non-religous. Please listen to it! I finally had the guts to show my face on youtube. Plus, I did it with my singing voice. I can't really sing very good but I'm getting there! I hope you guys can forgive my poor voice. I'm taking voice lessons and I'm in choir but I still have a long way to go!

I Could Sing of your Love Forever