Sunday, January 27, 2013


Oh my gosh!!! I haven't been posting so much lately................ARGH! I have an excuse! I had so much happening at once and January is known for exams. Yes, I had to write exams. I was on the verge of dying until I found out that I could exempt a core and option class. I was worried about math until I wrote the last two unit exams. I ended up passing with a 61%! I didn't want to risk losing that so I exempted the final exam! I was so happy that I cried! I'm so bad at math............grrr. :)

I also have been extremely addicted to tumblr. Oh my gosh. I'm not even kidding! I have been posting on tumblr more than blogger hahaha! XD Ok, I promise that I'll update more often! I have several unfinished posts so please look forward to them! :D

Title: Sensei Kiite yo
Author: Makita Nao
Genres: Romance, Comedy, School life, Shojo
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Age Rating: 13+ Teen
Status: Ongoing

Summary: ( From Chibi Manga:

Uta thought that her homeroom teacher was a geek, but she saw him when he was dressed differently. Sensei was actually a handsome rock-n-roll singer!? Since Uta had always wanted to have a boyfriend, she threatened him to "go out with her" and she wouldn't tell anyone his secret! but she ends up really falling in love with her teacher..!?

This manga was utterly cute. I loved the art and the storyline overall! The storyline seems a bit cliche but whatever. I was drawn into and I enjoyed the different characters. I really loved how the teacher didn't seem like an innocent type person. It's freaking awesome! Sensei is sooooo hot!!!! HAHA! I'm sorry about the short review but I have work early in the morning and...........................yeah. I haven't done a manga recommendation in such a long time! Feels a bit weird.


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  1. ~o.o this manga sounds interesting! I`ll check it out once i`m done reading Tokaido Hisame!

    ~Also, you have been nominated for the Libster Award!! ^^ Here`s the link for more details :


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