Saturday, December 1, 2012

Plastic Surgery...

I recently just finished watching a Korean movie called "200 Pounds Beauty". was so beautiful~!!!!! My eyes are still extremely puffy and its midnight (I hope my parents aren't awake!) so I'm sorry if nothing makes sense. When I'm tired, nothing ever makes sense. (WARNING: RANT AHEAD)

Anyways, why name this blog post "Plastic Surgery"? Well, the movie was about a fat and ugly girl named Hanna who sang for a extremely pretty and skinny girl named Ammy. Ammy is a famous singer across Korea. Little that everyone knows, Ammy uses Hanna's voice for concerts and albums. In the end, Ammy is in front of everyone dancing and lip sycning while Hanna does the real work backstage.

Horrible right? That's not the half of it.

Hanna has this love for the producer and he is really nice to her (he is!!) until Ammy goes about humilating her at his birthday party. When he goes to confront Ammy, Hanna overhears their conversation that tears her heart apart. That jerk tells Ammy to be nice to Hanna because if she walks from the company, Ammy's "career" will crumble. The horrible thing is, he says, "We are just using her". Hanna had enough of it and goes to get plastic surgery on her whole body. She comes back a year later as Jenny with a super model body and a new attitude of becoming a REAL singer through Ammy's company.

"200 Pounds Beauty" is just amazing. I laughed hard, enjoyed the singing and loved (or hated) each and everyone of the characters. I cried so much at the end, I'm not even kidding. This movie is great to watch with loved ones or friends. I recommend this movie to anyone!

Since I was bored, I decided to look up on what plastic surgery is. I know, its quite obvious what plastic surgery is but hey, it would be interesting to know more about it. Plastic surgery is widely known for beauty such as boob implants, ( can totally tell those are fake) but plastic surgery can also help with burns, scars, hand surgerys.....etc. I won't go on about it because well, this is going to turn into a report! Back to the movie! (Ranting will commence..........NOW!)

This movie made me realize the true meaning of beauty. I think I'm tearing up again.....................anyways. Even though external beauty is always what everyone looks for (I'm guilty of that....), its what the inside counts. I don't want a beautiful hot man with a horrible attitude. I'd rather have an average looking guy who is nice and (my type...) easy to get along with. Hanna has made an interesting point about plastic surgery, "It's for those who lack confidence". I agree with that! I know there are tons of downsides to plastic surgery but hey, don't judge people who get them. I just hate the type of girls who are naturally pretty and get a freaking nose job because they think its not pretty enough for them. It's quite irritating when people just get it on a whim. But that's how we look at it. I won't judge them and I'm pretty sure they aren't confident in themselves so people, don't say anything bad about them. They have a life that you will never see so...........yeah. I just hate it when people go about and judge other people. I mean, no offence but, look at yourself first before judging other people.

Just so you people know, I too have confidence problems. I'm skinny but not anerexic. I love food too much to leave it. When I don't eat, my mother thinks I'm sick or somethings wrong. So, you people out there experiencing confidence problems, don't take it out on yourself or other people. If you want to change your appearance, do it the safe the way. What I'm saying is, if you want to lose weight, don't go to diet pills or not eating. I get worried when my friends don't eat! If you want to lose weight, just adjust your diet so you will lose weight slowly. Don't do anything quickly, it will be dangerous for your body. Do not go to plastic surgery. I'm sorry. My personal opinion is that you won't feel like yourself. Sometimes when I put makeup on, I don't feel like I'm me and I'm hiding behind the makeup. It's like a mask or a shell. It can make you pretty but once its gone, people iwll look at you differently. Plastic surgery can be like that. I know I'm going to spoil parts of the movie but when the main characters kiss, the main character who got plastic surgery, doesn't want the guy to touch her boobs.

You won't feel like yourself. The main character has fake boobs and thats.................weird. It was awkward to even watch and I could tell it was a big turn off. Anyways.....................respect yourself! I know its hard but hey, you aren't alone! You are beautiful. I hate it when people call me beautiful because well, I think they are joking. I'm not joking and I hope no one is going pull that, "your beautiful" on me. It's just my nature to reject people when someone says that. If I reject you, I'm just embarrased ok? That phrase reminds me of a person.............I won't go into more depth with that. Sorry. But I don't get that phrase everyday and I'm pretty sure everyone too so, tell someone that. Someone close or someone you don't know, it will make their day or creep them out. :)


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