Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Drama Challenge Day 16: A Drama you started but can't finish

Actually, I never leave a drama unfinished! I'm thinking really hard at the moment......hmm...I usually just stop watching a drama because well, the episodes don't seem to be interesting or it just isn't cutting out for me. I mean, the first couple episodes were either amazing or great but then it got longer. I just couldn't finish one or two drama's.

I'll be honest, I never finished Dream High or Gloria. I'm sorry for lying to you.......by a couple episodes, I got bored. I'm sorry if any of you watched the drama's and loved it but I just can't. Maybe one day I'll watch Dream High again but I'm too sure about Gloria. The first couple episodes were a tad too slow for me and got extremely complicated after a while.

I sometimes wish I never finished some drama's. Have you ever felt that before? I totally finished City Hunter but............the ending was just.....horrible! I was never statisfied with it! I'm really mad at the ending of Hong Gil Dong. It still sticks to my mind and I wish I finished the drama by ep 20 or something. Something not even near the end. I wanted the drama to end in a happy way! > x <


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  1. Hey manga girl. I haven't yet gotten manga, but I do get chocolate...so I bought some fair trade chocolate (with you in mind:)) for Social Studies tomorrow. I won't be there but I hope you enjoy it!

    Have a wonderful summer if I don't see you before!


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