Sunday, June 10, 2012

Drama Challenge Day 6: Your Favorite Song from a Drama OST

I have so many! Yesterday's challenge is by far the easiest! Here it goes, a whole bunch of songs that I love from Drama's! They aren't in order. :D

Ikemen Boogie from Hana Kimi OST

Ikenai Taiyou by Orange Range Hana Kimi OST

Peach by Ai Otsuka instrumental Hana Kimi OST

I Belong to You by MBLAQ from Lie to Me OST

Promise from You're Beautiful OST

You've Fallen for Me from Heartstrings OST

As Ever from You're Beautiful OST

So Goodbye - (SHINee) Jonghyun [ost. City Hunter Part.2] 

City Hunter OST Part 3 - Sad Run

This song makes me feel so cool! Just walking down the hallway listening to this song, I feel so powerful~! This next song makes me cry my eyes out! It's so beautiful.....

City Hunter OST ' Puchai Love ' 13 

I have more but.........thats all I have time for! I still have homework to finish, not to mention more challenges I need to finish. Sigh. This week is going to be busy.


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