Sunday, June 10, 2012

Drama Challenge Day 5: Your Favorite Female Third Wheel Character

I AM SORRY! *Bows* Please forgive me! I have failed to fill my challenge once again!! > x < However, I have been thinking about yesterday's challenge..........too be honest, I have no idea.

Don't hit me! >X Lots of things have been going on lately. My brother started his first job on Friday and I was extremely happy that he got one! But he works in the same place I do. You many think its a good thing but its not. I actually have to train him with taking orders and how to do everything! Its actually extremely stressing. When there's rush and I'm taking orders like crazy while my brother is just standing there doing nothing, it drives me nuts! Luckly, he sorta figured somethings on his own and he didn't do to bad on his first day. Everybody was helping him do stuff and I'm grateful for that!

Also, I'm on the Fine Arts Board as the Band Representative. Yesterday, I had to help out with the last play by the 12th grade class called Rumours. The play was just hilarious! During intermission, me and Jen sold stuff for the bake sale. Man, we ate the leftovers! The cookies there was just amazing!

Anyways, back to the Challenge. I seriously have no idea. I actually have to look through my brain for the right one. Most female third wheel characters are either the main characters best friend or just a snob and a female dog (*****). I don't know! I can't find a good one..........

I guess Yoon Seul from the Korean drama Secret Garden is a good female third wheel character. Wait! I think I also love Jiang Nan Qin or Kotonami Kanae from the Taiwanese Drama, Extravagent Challenge also known as Skip Beat.

Bianca Bai! She is extremely pretty!! >///<

Jiang Nan Qin is played by Bianca Bai. Her character seems a bit stuck up in the beginning but once you get to know her better, she isn't so bad. As a matter of fact, she very nice and encouraging at times. After going through obsticales, she became a best friend to Gong Xi (Kyoko Mogami in manga). I love her!

Bianca Bai :D

As for Yoon Seul, you will totally think she is a total b**** in the beginning of the drama. But she turns out to be very cool. Its a good thing she wasn't going after the main male lead character or else she would have been more horrible to the main character!

Yoon Seul is played by Kim Sa Rang. She so pretty! >///<


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