Thursday, March 10, 2011

X-men obession!

As of today I feel totally obsessed with the cartoon X-men, thanks to my best friend. I loved the movies and they are totally cool! I wish they were and my childish dreams. What? I really love super hero's and stuff like that. Watching the shows again reminds me of my childhood. Sigh. The good ol days! I miss the show.......It was totally awesome!!

You know what I really hate? The way the regular people treat Mutants! It really ticks me off when I watch the Mutants are treated like trash when they just saved those normal people from danger. Seriously! Total Racism. They are still people too, you know! They just have gifts that not other people have! I was so mad watching the show. I can't believe I actually got through the whole movie/show without stopping watching it completely. I kept going for the sake of it. There was no episode without me freaking out at the computer or tv.

I'm sorry about that. I just hate it when people treat people like trash. We are still people no matter what we look like or how different we are. (Wow....I'm going crazy)

Anyways, what is your favorite character? Mine is......I don't know Storm, wait maybe Nightcrawler. I don't know! All their powers are soo cool! I really like Rogues (not sure if I spelt the name right) power. She can touch anybody and get their memories and power! Its soo neat! Wolverine is cool too......I don't know who to choose!