Thursday, March 10, 2011

テゴマス~ Tegomasu ~

I have a new favorite boy band!!!!!! I absolutely love their music! Tegomass or Tegomasu is a Japanese boy duo. The two members, Yuya Tegoshi and Takahisa Masuda, are also members from NEWS, another awesome boy band!

Here are some awesome facts!

The bands name is just the combination of Tegoshi's and Masuda's name. The band debuted with their hit single in Sweden, Miso Soup. Tegomasu's job is to promote their company, I think. I really think they are doing a great job!

This song is called Kiss (Kaerimichi no Love Song) and was used for the anime ending, Lovely Complex. Kimi + Boku= Love? was also used for the opening song.

This song is one of my favorites!!! This one is called Chu chu chu. Too bad that Ai Ai Gasa is not on youtube anymore.....its still there but they are all covers! According to the Internet it says that Ai Ai gasa was one of the best songs they have ever done. I really agree! Ai Ai gasa was #1 on the charts. I was like, "Awesome!"

...........The one above is Ai Ai gasa but a cover. This all I could find and I think the girl covered perfectly. I hope you at least like the song!

Just for fun! :D Happy Birthday by NEWS!

I recently went to a birthday party so.....I just had to post this. This video has the lyrics to the song which is nice. Give me some credit because this song is quite hard to find on youtube that is not covered by another person (some are horrible singers, I'm sorry) Here is another version without the lyrics if you like this song!