Monday, March 14, 2011

Pretty Cure Madness!!!!!

I have really been into the series Pretty Cure!!!! I'm not even joking. You can tell from my previous review on the new season Suite Precure. I'm still shocked that they made a new one! They even made a movie where all the Pretty Cures that ever have been made into one movie! Wait maybe 3......but anyways, the name is called (if you are interested), Pretty Cure All Stars DX. I want to see it sooo bad!!! Unfortunately its not on the internet.......yet.

Here this the ending song for the 1st movie of Pretty Cure All Stars DX and it is the combination of Splash star, Heartcatch, Futari wa Pretty cure Max heart, Pretty cure Gogo and Fresh opening songs. I know I'm soo childish but I think its soo cool!

If you haven't tried this series.....try it!!!! I think thats it...........I guess I have to do homework (sadly) so untill then....

Ja ne~! Bye~!