Monday, March 14, 2011

Random Post!

I really see no point in Daylight savings. I hate adjusting to new time! This time we have to have to go one hour forward and that means I lose one hour of sleep! My precious sleep!!!!! I have to get up one hour earlier......that sucks.....I want more sleep!

The good thing is I get to eat lunch early!!! and......somehow I'm wide awake.......REALLY! I'm really energenic today!!! I'm freaking out!!! I had to go to school today......I have to wake up sooo early!!!!! On the bright side, its nice and warm outside! The snow is great to make snowmen and snowballs! Also a perfect day for a nap in the sun.....or throwing snow balls at my brothers....thats wayy more fun. Oh wait

(Walks outside, throws a snow ball)

(OW! Thats cold!)

......oh yes I hit him.

Oh that reminds me! Its pie day!!!!!!! (Wow that was random) Why is it pie day today? I have to idea. We were talking about this in Math class and all I heard it was pie day today. I don't really pay attention in Math class (sometimes) and I only got out "pie day" out of the conversation. We were talking about the number pie like, 3.14159......We talk about the most weirdest things in Math class.....its quite funny.

Speaking of weird conversations, At lunch time today we were talking about the name Bob. Its soo common! I love it though! My friend Jenny told me that her uncle of some sort had a song for Bob....I forgot how it went but its really funny!